Lyric Cook & Elizabeth Collins Videos Analysis

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the abduction and murder of two young Evansdale cousins was one of the top stories in Eastern Iowa in 2012 and 2013. As a young man who grew up a mere 40 miles away from the grief-stricken area I was extremely unsettled by the story.
In a 2013 conference held by the parents of Elizabeth Collins we hear first-hand the story of the mother of a missing child as she recounts the day her daughter went missing. Heather’s demeanor  (Elizabeth’s mother) seemed to be strong when considering the situation she found herself in as she spoke to the crowd, reminiscing on the morning her daughter was abducted and the events leading up to the abduction. Her father Drew sat quietly, much in the fashion of a first-lady, starring at his wife listening to her voice filled with sorrow. She went on to describe leaving work and heading to Elizabeths grandmothers, who had babysat the girl that day. Upon arrival Elizabeth was nowhere to be found, leading Mrs. Collins to contact the authorizes. The authorizes immediately began looking for the cousins as Mrs. Collins sat back waiting for the girls to show up home “That’s when I got a text of a picture of Elizabeth’s purse. I was asked if the purse belonged to Elizabeth. I replied yes. That’s when I knew,” Mrs Collins recounted.
The underlying message of the conference? It could happen to anyone. The two girls were described as active elementary aged children who enjoyed spending time at grandmas, shopping with mom, and sadly enjoying warm summer days with activities like riding their bikes near the lake, which unfortunately precisely what the young duo was doing when they were last seen. Mrs. Collins seemed to only mention her daughter and niece in the present tense, giving the audience the notion that the mother intended to keep her daughters memory alive and in our hearts.
The next video we viewed was even sadder than the conference. A heart wrenching re-account of the dumping of the girl’s bodies was filmed as two journalist were escorted by locals through a wooded area, in between the trees and a corn field where the bodies were discovered. The dreary setting, looming voices of the seniors guiding narration, and thought of the two innocent children’s life-less bodies being left alone in such a forsaken place was almost unbearable to watch.
The moral of the story is that as a community we need to protect our children, value the time we have with them, and educate them on the dangers associated with strangers. I find the topic of Lyric and Elizabeth cook to be a rather upsetting one as I have a young brother who is approaching the age the girls were during the time they were abducted. As a bystander looking at the situation from the outside I cannot imagine the pain and grief of losing a child due to the merciless actions of another individual.  As Mrs. Collins stated in the press conference I think the importance of teaching young children the importance of avoiding strangers cannot be emphasized enough. The better we do as a nation to protect our children the more likely it is we can prevent unfortunate situations such as the one with Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.


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